Incredible Eggs

We hired a Duckling Hatching kit from the fantastic company Incredible Eggs. To find out more about the company please follow the link below:

We were delivered 5 eggs in an incubator that were ready to hatch! The children witnessed one egg hatch, which we managed to film below, all the other ducklings were born in the middle of the night.

Duckling Number 1 Hatching - Quackers

The Incubation Period

Our Ducks!

Quackers - Our first duck to hatch! Very confident, we presume to be male, and very vocal, light brown to yellow colouring.



Cheese - Our Second duck to hatch. We presume to be female, very calm with dark brown coloring.




Scrooge McDuck - The third duck to hatch, we presume to be male, light brown and yellow colouring, the fastest of the bunch!




Buttons - The final duck to hatch a full 36 hours behind the others. We presume to be female, the cuddliest of the bunch with dark brown and black colouring.


Unfortunately our fifth egg failed to hatch

The Ducks First Swim!

At a few days old the ducks had their first swim! They took to it like ducks to water!

We learned that ducklings struggle to get dry in their early life and usually the mummy duck would dry them, so they would be towel dried after each swimming session!

Where are they Now?

After spending their first 10 days in nursery with us the ducks have gone to live on a local farm with one of our members of staff, this way we can see them in the future and recieve regular updates.

Our Duck Gallery!