Ukraine Fundraiser March 2022

When the war began we explored the topic sensitively with the children, looking at; how peoples lives had changed, what we had in common/our differences and what people may need.

The children then decided they wanted to do all they could to help, so we decided to organised our own fundraiser.

They got to work;

  • The pre school children each painted a sunflower, which we turned into postcard style prints
  • All the children helped bake cupcakes everyday
  • Every child made a 'stand with Ukraine' key ring
  • And they all helped pot the sunflower seeds 

Thanks to all the children's hard work and the generous people who donated we managed to raise,

A total of;  £233.14 for 'Save the children's Ukraine Appeal' 

All the children were thrilled to make a difference in the Ukrainian children's lives!